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A high-quality, affordable and compact benchtop GC solution

The miniMOv was designed so that all our innovations can be used by applications that require a high-quality, cost-effective and compact benchtop GC solution. Quickly configure it with its broad offering of standard modules such as GC inlets, thermal desorbers or auto samplers, to name a few.


  • Optimized for ASDevices detectors and compatible with third-party detectors
  • Powered by our CPM module
  • Up to 2 detectors – choice SePDD, eFID, TCD, ePID
  • Up to 10 electronics pressure controllers (EPCs)
  • 1 ramping oven and 1 isothermal oven
  • Thermal desorber and auto sampler available


Standard gas inlet

This version is designed to analyze gaseous samples using a chromatographic switching valve to inject a sample loop volume.

Thermal desorber

Combine it with our thermal desorber to concentrate your gaseous sample. Select one of our pre-packed cold trap or make your own using our empty cold trap.


Combine it with our autosampler to analyze liquids, headspace or even SPME. The autosampler is offered in various versions depending on your needs.

Solution highlights

Easy configuration

We’ve designed the miniMOv to be easy to integrate; all you have to do is select from our standard modules. Our platform comes with two thermal zones ­­– a ramping oven for the chromatographic column and an isothermal zone that can be used for a variety of purposes such as installing valves or components that need heating.


Integrated thermal desorber module

Our high-quality thermal desorption (TD) module for the miniMOv is based on our proprietary PLSV trap and release valve technology. It’s designed to offer the best sample integrity in its category and its direct integration with the miniMOv chassis eliminates the typically required transfer line and associated potential cold spot. As the TD is controlled natively by the miniMOv’s electronics, this makes it a very cost-effective solution.

Auto sampler module

Our high-quality sampler for the miniMOv has been designed to integrate well into the GC platform and offer best-in-class performance.

The first benchtop GC optimized for plasma technology

We put our three decades of expertise in plasma sensing technology into designing the first benchtop solution dedicated to our enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) technology. This makes it the most cost-effective and powerful plasma-oriented benchtop GC solution on the market today.

Highly robust, embedded GC software

We know that a GC platform is a critical part of a process, so it has to operate 24/7, and its software architecture must be robust. Our ASDSense software was designed using a real-time industrial operating system that employs a principle known as system redundancy for reliability. This principle makes it almost impossible for the software to crash, ensuring that your GC is always up and running. Full feature GC laboratory software optional.

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