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GC Platforms


Compact panel mount or portable GC platform

For GC integrators that need a compact GC solution, this robust and easy-to-configure OEM GC is the perfect solution because it can be customized with different types of detectors, valves, electronics modules, etc.


  • Plug and play: Easy to set up using standard modules
  • Up to 3 isothermal zones for columns
  • Up to 2 chromatographic (GC) valves
  • Up to 2 purged electronic pressure controllers (EPCs)
  • 1 gas detectors: SePdd, ePID, eDID, TCD, FID, others
  • I/O modules: Isolated 4-20 mA outputs, relay board, RS-232, ethernet, Modbus

Solution highlights


The architecture has been integrated in a compact way to offer a portable solution or simply save space in your analytical rack.


5.19 x 7.95 x 24.0 inches (132 x 202 X 610 mm)

The instrument is provided with a 19 inches (482,6 mm) rackmount mounting plate.

Modular architecture concept

With the Mini GCSense, the entire architecture has been designed to be modular. Simply select from these standard modules, plug them in, and you’re all set:

  • Isolated 4-20 mA output module
  • Dry contact relay module
  • EPC module
  • Isothermal ovens
  • External sampling system controller
  • CPM module
  • Various detector drivers

IIoT ready: Designed for the future

Many industrial analyzer platforms were designed over a decade ago, but our innovative, new online analyzer platform was developed with the future in mind. With the iMOv, connectivity is key, so you can remotely access your GC platform from anywhere, and our software even supports the well-established IIoT protocol, MQTT.

Highly robust, embedded GC software

We know that a GC platform is a critical part of a process, so it has to operate 24/7, and its software architecture must be robust. Our ASDSense software was designed using a real-time industrial operating system that employs a principle known as system redundancy for reliability. This principle makes it almost impossible for the software to crash, ensuring that your GC is always up and running.


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