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SePdd Patented

Scalable enhanced plasma discharge detector

A new sensing technology and toolset for chromatography

More than just a GC detector, the SePdd is a scalable, Epd-based detector that works with our CPM platform for a full-feature, cost-effective complete GC solution. Available in two configurations (quattro and twin), it will enable you to optimize your chromatography like never before.



  • Up to 2 detectors for the price of 1 (twin version)
  • Up to 4 configurable optical wavelength modules (OWM)
  • Patented Epd technology with stabilization and electron injection electrodes
  • Highly robust with metal body discharge cell (patent pending)
  • Optimized for packed, μpacked and capillary columns
  • Can be integrated into any existing GC platform
  • ppt to % measurement range
  • High temperature and pressure operation with adjustable discharge gap
  • Powered by our Chromatographic Processing Module (CPM)
  • Compatible with argon, helium and nitrogen carrier gases (as well as others)

Typical applications

  • Permanent gas
  • Sulfurs
  • Mercaptans
  • Hydrocarbons
  • VOC
  • Moisture
  • Aldehydes
  • Chlorocarbons



With up to four configurable wavelength modules, this detector can be set to the optimal wavelength, so you’ll get unsurpassed performance.


Made of two dual wavelength sensor heads, each sensor head gas a plasma cell that works independently, offering two detectors for the price of one – all while simplifying chromatographic applications for you.

Solution highlights

Metal plasma discharge cell Patent pending

Our metal body detector is a breakthrough in plasma sensing technology. Thanks to our compound electrode technology, our plasma cell can withstand high pressure and temperatures with no more breakage, making this detector the most robust on the market.

Compound electrode Patent pending

By nature, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) generates streamer discharges, resulting in a noisy signal that impacts the signal to noise ratio. Our compound electrode improves stability by sweeping away the accumulation of charges on the inner wall. It’s an enhancement over other DBD and plasma emission detectors (PEDs) and a major breakthrough for the industry.


Enhanced plasma discharge (Epd)

At the core of our patented Epd technology, a highly energetic plasma source is used to ionize molecules. An Epd-stabilized dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) isolates the discharge electrodes from the ionized plasma, eliminating sputtering, cell inner wall coating and analyte interference. The result is unsurpassed performance.

  • Discharge cell available in metal or ceramic
  • Unique compound electrode that can withstand high temperatures, high pressure, and sub-atmospheric pressure
  • Plasma stabilization and electron injection electrodes




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