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Mini SePdd Patented

Single wavelength enhanced plasma discharge base detector

Compact yet powerful, this entry-level device is based on our enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) technology. It’s a perfect example of our scalable building block concept which enables you to select just the features you need, making it a cost-effective solution for applications that require just one wavelength.


  • Powerful single wavelength EPD detector: Pre-configured wavelength
  • EPD technology with stabilization and electron injection electrodes
  • Highly robust with metal body discharge cell
  • Optimized for packed, μpacked and capillary columns
  • Can be integrated into any existing GC platform
  • Analog output interface only
  • Compatible with argon, helium and nitrogen carrier gases (as well as others)

Typical applications

  • N2 measurement in various matrix
  • Light hydrocarbons in various matrix
  • Ar measurement in various matrix
  • Ne measurement in various matrix

Solution highlights

Powerful single wavelength EPD detector

Our mini SePdd was designed for applications that require a single optical wavelength module. With this entry-level enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) detector, the wavelength can be configured to monitor an emission specific to a molecule or to a chemical function group. In tracer mode, it can also be used as a detector with a low-cost argon carrier gas.


Enhanced plasma discharge (Epd)

At the core of our patented EPD technology, a highly energetic plasma source is used to ionize molecules. An EPD-stabilized dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) isolates the discharge electrodes from the ionized plasma, eliminating sputtering, cell inner wall coating and analyte interference. The result is unsurpassed performance.

Key features of the technology:

  • Discharge cell available in metal or ceramic
  • Unique compound electrode that can withstand high temperatures, high pressure, and sub-atmospheric pressure
  • Plasma stabilization and electron injection electrodes



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