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Specialty gases and bottling plants

To ensure gas purity or mixture accuracy, many applications require certified bulk and specialty gas products. That’s where we come in. Working closely with bottling plant owners through the years, we’ve perfected our wide range of GC instruments so that they’re easy to use and sure to meet even your most stringent customer requirements.

What we can do for you

We’ve dedicated our careers to the continuous improvement of the gas chromatography field. Using only the highest-quality components, we’ve designed cutting-edge technologies for a host of industries, and had our solutions validated by specialists in each field to ensure that they not only meet but exceed their needs.

When working with bottling plants, we know that precision, accuracy, linearity and repeatability are paramount. Our proprietary, patented enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) sensing technology, for example, ensures unsurpassed sensitivity for Ultra-high purity (UHP) gas qualification, while our purged leap sealing valve (PLSV) ensures sample integrity and the longest lifetime. When combined with our robust GC platform and advanced ASDSense GC software, you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running 24/7 with most advanced, accurate analytical solution out there.

Key applications

Trace permanent gas analysis in bulk gases

Measure the lowest level of impurities

Nowadays, customers need more stringent gas quality control. In fact, for many applications, impurities are now expected to be well below 50 ppb. Other technologies on the market, like discharge ionization detectors and their variants, only offer detection limits in the range of 50 ppb – and that’s simply insufficient. With its ultra-sensitive enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) detector, high quality components, advanced signal processing and unsurpassed analytical performance, our KA8000PLUS is the turnkey tool for gas quality certification.

The solution you need

Impurities measured

H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, Ar, Ne


  • Down to < 15 ppb LOD based on Epd technology (< 5 ppb with eLOD)
  • One single instrument for all gas matrixes
  • Lowest carrier gas consumption of the industry
  • Data reporting software with report capability

Key specifications

  • Measurement range: 10 ppm to 100 ppm
  • Limit of detection (LOD): < 15 ppb
  • Matrix: H2, O2, N2, Ar, He, Air, CH4, CO, CO2
  • Carrier gas: Helium

Download the data sheet for more details

Krypton and xenon analysis

The first robust analysis tool for rare gases

More and more industrial processes require high purity krypton and xenon. Trouble is, it’s a challenging application – and one that’s difficult to conduct properly. That’s why we worked with our customers to design a robust gas analysis solution. Based on our enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) sensing technology and the KA8000PLUS, our solution meets the latest quality standards and has already been successfully deployed in the field.

The solution you need

Impurities measured

SF6, CF4, Kr, CO2, N2O, C2F6, H2, Ar, O2, N2, CH4, CO


  • Down to < 25 ppb LOD based on Epd technology (< 10 ppb with eLOD)
  • One single instrument for both gas matrixes
  • Lowest carrier gas consumption of the industry
  • Data reporting software with report capability

Key specifications

  • Measurement range: 10 ppm (other available)
  • Limit of detection (LOD): < 25 ppb
  • Matrix: Kr and Xe
  • Carrier gas: Helium

Other applications examples

  • Silane analysis
  • Neon purity analysis
  • CO purity analysis
  • Hydrogen purity analysis
  • Helium purity analysis
  • Methane purity analysis
  • Argon purity analysis

You don’t see your application above?

We are driven by innovation. We always like to work with our customers when they have a new challenge. All our technologies were designed for a purpose, meeting new challenges. If you can’t find an analytical solution, contact one of our experts.

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