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Our story

At ASDevices, we’re engineers and pioneers. Inventors and innovators. Creators, customizers, problem solvers and game changers.

We’re all these things and more because we welcome diversity and creativity in all its forms. That’s how we succeed in looking beyond what is and envisioning what could be. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and helps us pull the occasional all-nighter. Bottom line: we love what we do and love nothing more than seeing our customers benefit from it.

How it all began

It was the early 1990s. Yves Gamache (today’s ASDevices CEO/CTO) was working at an air separation plant and found the existing gas analysis technology lacking. Thanks to a novel method invented by Gamache, the use of a permeation tube to add a specific level of water to the plasma for it to achieve unsurpassed stability, and a molecular sieve 3A trap, the K2000 was born. This groundbreaking technology not only resolved a common problem at the time – water interference – but also laid the groundwork for what would ultimately grow into ASDevices.

Let’s take a look at how we went from one novel invention to industry leader.

ASDevices through the years

K2000: The first digital trace N2 analyzer

Yves Gamache shakes up the gas analysis and chromatography industry with the invention of the K2000, a small, low-weight analyzer that was superior to every commercially available instrument.

The K2001: A next-generation analyzer

Yves Gamache‘s longtime associate, André Fortier, joins him to form Contrôle Analytique. The company would go on to develop a host of disruptive technologies, including the K2001. A quantum leap in the domain, this N2 analyzer becomes an instant worldwide success and 30 years later, it’s still the market reference.

The K2002: For an unsurpassed limit of detection

A new design makes the K2001’s detection limit the best in the industry, and it becomes the K2002. Thanks to our reputation and track record, the K2002 is an instant success in the semiconductor industry.

The K3000: The first reliable crude argon analyzer

The first of its kind, the K3000 is released and it too revolutionizes the industry. The solution finds its niche in many semiconductor plants around the world.

The K4000: A complete process GC

Programmed by André Lamontagne (today’s ASDevices president), the K4000 is the first plasma emission detector-based process chromatograph to offer a complete graphic interface and parallel real-time chromatography.

Analytical Flow Products

Contrôle Analytique is sold to Servomex, and the team begins focusing on the development of innovative new valves – ones that give rise to a company named Analytical Flow Products (AFP).

ASDevices gets its start

AFP become the leading provider of GC valves. Then, in 2017, the company is sold and a new entity is born – Analytical Sensing Devices (ASDevices). Based in Thetford, Québec, Canada, ASDevices boasts over three decades of gas chromatography and analysis experience and expertise.

Core patents filed to protect ASDevices IP

To protect their ever-growing range of innovations, the ASDevices team spends a great deal of time filing patents to cover all core technologies worldwide.

Release of scalable enhanced plasma discharge detector (SePdd)

A highly sensitive detector with multiple wavelength capabilities makes new ways of doing chromatography possible.

New Shanghai office

As the company grows, a new 1,000m2 office opens in China. This site is led by Frank Zhu, ASDevices V.P. Asia.

Release of purged leap sealing valve technology (PLSV)

A unique purge technology eliminates leaks and becomes the most reliable, durable valve on the market.

New Germany office

The company expands into Europe.

Release of fastest crude argon solution

A revolutionary crude argon analyzer makes results available 20x faster than anything else on the market. After two years of development and validation by leading argon producers, this new technology becomes the reference to further improve argon recovery and reduce energy consumption.

Development of first-ever hydrogen process GC

Based on 3 years of research with hydrogen manufacturers, the world’s first process solution for fuel-grade hydrogen quality analysis ushers in the transition to green energy. As the only solution that can measure ultra-trace sulfur to below 4 ppb without a sample concentrator, it’s a true revolution for the industry. The solution is inaugurated at the Sinopec Yanshan plant which will deliver the hydrogen for vehicles to be used during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Always innovating

Today, ASDevices is an international leader in gas chromatography and gas analysis, offering robust, reliable solutions to a range of industries. Our relentless obsession with R&D, passion for innovation and drive to exceed expectations drives us to strive to make things better – every day. What will be next?

What’s next for us?

We are driven by innovation. We always like to work with our customers when they have a new challenge. All our technologies were designed for a purpose, meeting new challenges. If you can’t find an analytical solution, contact one of our experts.

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