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Develop GC applications using innovative ASDevices building blocks

With our broad range of high-quality GC components and building blocks, you can custom-design the solution you need. In fact, all of our products can be integrated into any third-party GC platform. To maximize a product’s potential, select one of our innovative GC platforms, with its powerful ASDSense software and signal processing features.

Why choose our products?

Plug and play

Compatible with all GC platforms

More robust

Designed and supported by experts

High performance

Accurate and reproducible results

High quality and durable

Low cost ownership

GC components for every application

Our complete line of high-quality, innovative GC components has been designed to improve the performance and durability of your solution. What’s more, all our components have been optimized to work with our product ecosystem or integrated into any third-party products.

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Products under development

At ASDevices, we’re constantly redefining the GC industry. Every day, our team of highly qualified engineers, chemists and scientists dedicate themselves to developing new products and testing and improving on existing ones, all in an effort to go further to better fulfill your gas analysis needs.

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Plug and play GC platforms for ease of use

We’ve designed all our innovative GC analysis platforms with the same philosophy: make them robust, modular, and most of all, easy to use. They’re all plug and play – just select the platform you need based on your gas application requirements and get started.

For all your GC needs

  • Process gas analysis
  • Laboratory gas analysis
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Talk to an expert

With over 30 years of GC experience, our experts can help you find the perfect gas analysis solution. Whether it’s choosing the right products from our extensive range of devices or building a custom-made product, we work closely with our clients to fulfill all their GC needs.

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