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Products under development

Working on future innovation

At ASDevices, we’re all about innovation. As the market leader, we never stop designing new products – ones that not only offer our clients the best possible solutions, but advance the industry, as well.

Take a look at some of these key innovations that are in the works.

Our products under development

Field enhanced photo ionization detector (FePID)

Thanks to their high sensitivity and ease of use, photo ionization detectors (PIDs) have become the gold standard for VOC measurement. Their UV lamp, however, requires ongoing maintenance – especially in the high-energy version. With a patent-pending dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) UV lamp and the improved efficiency of field-assisted photo ionization, our field enhanced photo ionization detector (FePid) overcomes this challenge, making it a welcome solution for a broad range of applications.

  • Patent-pending field enhanced photo ionization: High-intensity field to improve photo ionization efficiency
  • Non-consumable dielectric barrier discharge UV lamp

Helium recycling supporting accessory

Helium is a very common carrier and industrial gas. It’s a non-renewable resource, and we’ve recently endured multiple helium shortages. We combine our knowledge and technologies in a unique system to recover and recycle helium from your analytical instruments or industrial process.

  • Embedded helium quality monitoring based on Epd technology
  • Embedded helium purification system
  • Massively reduce your helium cost and maintenance
  • Embedded software for automatic control and peace of mind

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With over 30 years of GC experience, our experts can help you find the perfect gas analysis solution. Whether it’s choosing the right products from our extensive range of devices or building a custom-made product, we work closely with our clients to fulfill all their GC needs.

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