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Innovation for every industry

Whatever industry you’re in, ASDevices can provide the know-how you need. That’s because for over 30 years, our experts have been advancing the gas chromatography field by developing the most innovative solutions – ones that are not only robust, but turnkey, low-cost to maintain, and above all, completely customized to each client’s unique set of needs.

A solution for every sector

With us, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every one of our solutions is borne from our extensive expertise in gas analysis, then custom-designed and optimized to meet your specific industry and application requirements.

Air separation

With over 30 years in air separation, we have an unparalleled level of expertise in the field. What’s more, we’ve collaborated with leading industrial gas producers to develop the solutions you need for today – and tomorrow.


Semiconductor, LCD and LED

The pace of this industry’s evolution has been a driver for us to develop innovative solutions rapidly, continuously evolving to meet more and more stringent requirements. As a result, we offer the most advanced range of semiconductor/LCD/LED solutions in our field.

World's first fuel-cell hydrogen process analysis solution from ASDevices

Hydrogen, energy, co-generation and LNG

The energy/co-energy/LNG market is in need of solutions to support the green economy. Our team is fuelled by innovation and eager to provide the industry with a range of cutting-edge solutions, like our gas analysis technologies.


Specialty gases and bottling plants

Our complete range of specialty gas solutions for bottling plants has been designed with the precision that’s key to qualifying the quality of bottled gases.


Iron and steel

As more and more applications require high-quality iron and steel materials, we’ve supported the industry with our ultra-high quality gases and our range of gas analysis solutions that deliver to the most exacting standards.


Environmental and green house gases

Our range of innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions is based on our new technologies and designed to meet the current and future needs of the environmental/GHG industry.


Food and beverage

You can rely on our range of analytical solutions for the food and beverage industry to ensure that your products are safe for human consumption, with no undesirable tastes.


Hydrocarbon processing and petrochemicals

Our innovative solutions are designed to help you overcome any and all hydrocarbon processing and petrochemical challenge.


Laboratory and lifescience

Our innovative technologies and products have been designed to offer high-quality, affordable gas analysis instruments – ones that help lifescience researchers make important discoveries.


Don’t see your industry here?

We are driven by innovation. We always like to work with our customers when they have a new challenge. All our technologies were designed for a purpose, meeting new challenges. If you can’t find an analytical solution, contact one of our experts.

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