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About us

A Constant Flow of Innovation

At ASDevices, we’re always challenging ourselves to design better, smarter, more cost-efficient gas analysis technology to help optimize your processes.

Looking for a worry-free, turnkey analytical solution? Our team of experts will custom-build you one and integrate it, too. In the market for high-quality gas analysis components and accessories to build our own solution? We not only offer a complete range of gas chromatography products, but guidance and support to help you do it yourself. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the peace of mind you need, no matter your industry.


Advancing gas chromatography and gas analysis

A relentless obsession with R&D. A passion for innovation. The thrill of exceeding expectations. For three decades, what’s driven us is the desire to make things better in the world of process and laboratory gases. The result is numerous breakthrough technologies (166 patents and counting!), never-before-seen solutions, and an unparalleled customer experience.

What’s in it for you

In a word: results.

Need something that doesn’t exist?Fantastic! We love rising to a challenge.

Not sure what you need?Great! We’ll figure it out together.

Want to pick our brains?No problem! We’ll put our experts and expertise at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.

Bottom line: we work hard to make things easy for you.


Existing technology wasn’t cutting it

It all started out in the early 90s with our CEO Yves Gamache working at an air separation plant. When he saw the limitations of existing gas analyzers, he felt compelled to develop something better, and the first digital trace N2 analyzer was born. He soon formed a company with André Fortier, then later André Lamontagne joined, and as operations went global, so did Frank Zhu and Manfred Mauntz. Through the years, the team has revolutionized the industry, improving on countless technologies as well as inventing and patenting 166 novel ideas… so far.

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Meet the innovators, engineers and pioneers

Yves Gamache

Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer

Yves Gamache has a long-standing passion for instrumentation, automation and analytical process control. In a career devoted to technological development and enhancement, he has become a world-renowned expert and pioneer in gas chromatography, with 166 distinct patents dealing with over 30 different topics. His key accomplishments include developing the first plasma emission detector (PED) to become a worldwide industry standard in the field of air separation, used for measuring argon purity. This technology is currently being applied to protect magnets in the large hadron collider in Switzerland.

More on Yves Gamache (LinkedIn Profile)

André Lamontagne, Ing., EMBA


As a seasoned business leader, André Lamontagne is known for his ability to implement innovative strategies by combining his analytical skills and business acumen. With 20 years of experience in analytics and world-renowned expertise in gas chromatography, he is the author of four patents in the field of gas analysis, and four more in the healthcare sector. In 2014, he was one of only 100 people admitted to the Harvard Business School EMBA, out of 800 applicants. He co-founded Spira Innovation after heading the R&D operations at Contrôle Analytique and Servomex.

More on André Lamontagne (LinkedIn Profile)

Frank Zhu

VP Global Sales

As a veteran business leader in the gas analysis industry, Frank Zhu has a strong educational background in Material Science and Engineering, as well as an MBA from Tongji University in Shanghai. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program. In his past tenures at GE Consumer & Industrial and Servomex, Mr. Zhu established an outstanding track record in sales and marketing sides, while developing a global strategic vision.

More on Frank Zhu (LinkedIn Profile)


Making things better

At ASDevices, “good enough” is never quite good enough – which is what leads us to keep rethinking and refining, until every so often, we create something completely new.




Our Channel Partners

Think you’re one of us? If you’re looking for room to grow and opportunities to reinvent the wheel, we’d like to channel your energy.



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