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Turnkey GC solutions


Rackmount process gas chromatograph

Based on our GCSense platform, this high-quality solution is ideal for the integration of medium complexity GC configurations, where up to 5 valves and up to 2 detectors are required. What’s more, a large touchscreen display makes it easy to operate.


  • 4U 19’’ rackmount configuration
  • Up to 4 isothermal zones
  • Up to 5 chromatographic valves
  • Up to 2 gas detectors

Typical applications

  • C1 – C4 and N2O in O2
  • O2 purity
  • N2 purity

Your choice of 1 gas detector


The patented SePdd (scalable enhanced plasma discharge detector) uses technology that’s based on a stabilized dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma. It’s our most advanced and sensitive detector.

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Our enhanced FID detector, along with its electronics, have been designed to provide the highest sensitivity and robustness, making it a detector unlike any other.

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Our TCD is designed for percentage level applications. Like all of our detectors, a high-quality electronics circuit ensures the best performance on the market.

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Solution highlights

The most reliable solution

When a GC stops working, your whole process comes to a halt. Thanks to our industrial-grade ASDSense GC software, our PLSV technology that lasts 3x longer than its competitors and our range of robust detectors, you’ll get a high-performance, high-quality solution that will never be the weak link in your manufacturing process.


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Other turnkey solutions


Based on the mini GCSense platform, this cost-effective, entry-level process GC is for applications that require a maximum of 2 chromatographic valves and 1 detector.

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Typical applications
  • Ar purity
  • Crude Ar
  • He purity


This series is based on the iMOv platform and has a modular oven design for 6 GC valves, 2 detectors and multiple parallel chromatographic channels.

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Typical applications
  • Trace permanent gas in bulk gases
  • Xe / Kr purity
  • Sulfur in air
  • BTEX in air
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Electronic bulk gas (also with argon carrier)
  • H2 purity
  • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA)
  • Oxygen purity
  • Food-grade Co2

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