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Where innovation meets performance

We offer multiple standard detectors and technologies that are unique to us, with sensors that have been developed to be robust and high performance. Although they’re optimized for ASDevices GC platforms, they work just as well on any GC platform.

Why choose our products?

Plug and play

Compatible with all GC platforms

More robust

Designed and supported by experts

High performance

Accurate and reproducible results

High quality and durable

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Our detectors


Based on our enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) technology, our SePdd makes new ways of doing chromatography possible

  • High sensitivity detector
  • Multiple wavelength capability
  • Powered by CPM module
  • Alternative to DID, PDHID, FID, TCD, FPD and SCD

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Mini SePdd

Compact yet powerful, our entry-level enhanced plasma discharge (Epd) detector offers unsurpassed performance for simple applications

  • Single wavelength version
  • Analog signal interface
  • Alternative to DID, PDHID, FID, TCD, FPD and SCD

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Our highly sensitive, robust flame ionization detector

  • < 10 ppb CH4 LOD (1 ppb with eLOD algorithm)
  • Low-noise and low-drift due to our eSense electrometer
  • Inlet for capillary and packed column
  • Flame-out and auto-ignition with our ASDSense GC software

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Our high-quality, high-performance differential TCD detector

  • Differential TCD design
  • High-quality proprietary amplifier design

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Performance enhanced by our CPM

Our 30 years of experience developing high-end analog and digital electronics went into creating our CPM (Chromatographic Processing Module). Designed to interface with most types of GC detectors, it offers top-of-the-line analog signal conditioning as well as advanced digital signal processing.

Key features:

  • 4x simultaneous and synchronous 24 bits, 50 kHz ADC
  • Advanced signal processing based on high-speed ARM processor with RTOS
  • Learning algorithm that improves SNR
  • Built from high-end electronics components for quality and performance
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With over 30 years of GC experience, our experts can help you find the perfect gas analysis solution. Whether it’s choosing the right products from our extensive range of devices or building a custom-made product, we work closely with our clients to fulfill all their GC needs.

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