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Supporting accessories

Gas calibration system (GCS)

Sonic orifice technology

Gas calibration and analytical system performance validation depends on knowing how to accurately dilute gas standards. Our high-end dilution system (GC blender), based on a laser-calibrated orifice, is the result of over 30 years of experience in the field, so you can count on unparalleled precision.


  • Sonic orifice technology with high dilution ratios from 1:2 to 1:3500 (Custom up to 1:10000)
  • High precision (<0.5%rel.)
  • High sample integrity with purged electronics pressure regulator
  • Heated flow path up to 200°C
  • User configurable orifice
  • User selectable gas
  • Optional inert flow path for sulfur and reactive gas analysis
  • NIST traceable certificate available

Typical applications

  • Gas analyzer manufacturing
  • Gas standard preparation
  • Gas analyzer performance validation
  • Research and development

Solution highlights

Higher precision

Precision can only be achieved with highly exact, stable components. Our sonic orifices are laser drilled into stainless steel gaskets, ensuring that the orifice’s properties remain stable over time.

Enhanced stability

Pressure and temperature must be stable. That’s why we use a highly stable, temperature-compensated pressure sensor in our electronics pressure controller (EPC). What’s more, the orifices are installed inside a heated, adjustable enclosure, and the temperature can be adjusted up to 200 ⁰C to better accommodate your gas sample.

Leak integrity

As expert in ultra-trace N2 analysis, we understand how serious a leak can be. That’s why all the components in our proprietary-design electronics pressure controller (EPC) are encapsulated in an enclosure that can be purged using an inert gas such as argon or helium, voiding the effects of any ambient leak. It’s an innovative design – one that ensures that sample integrity is preserved.

Inert flow path

We offer two sample flow configurations: Inline and bypass. For reactive mixtures, the intelligent gas calibration system (iGCS) can be configured with a by-pass control mode, so that the sample is never in contact with control elements such as the valve and pressure sensor.


Sonic orifice technology principle

Our dilution system is based on laser-calibrated orifice technology, allowing for greater dilution ratio flexibility as well as greater precision than traditional mass flow type systems. In sonic flow mode, the flow through the orifice is a function of the inlet pressure alone – it’s not influenced in any way by outlet pressure. All orifices are laser-adjusted and calibrated using an NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)-calibrated coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to optically measure the orifice diameter. When combined with our ultra-stable, temperature-compensated electronics pressure controller (EPC), this technology offers unsurpassed performance.



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