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Supporting accessories

Sample concentration system (SCS)

Unsurpassed sample integrity

Available as both a 19-inch rackmount for iMOv or a stand-alone benchtop unit for miniMOv, our sample concentration system (SCS) is designed around our purge lip sealing valve (PLSV) trap and release (T&R) valve, for a unique configurable 4-step process that ensures sample integrity. When combined with our electrically cooled cold trap and flash heater, you’ll benefit from only the best performance.


  • Unique configurable 4-step process: sampling, venting sample matrix, trap isolation and trap release
  • Unsurpassed leak integrity with purge leap sealing valve (PLSV) technology
  • Trapping temperature down to –30 ̊C and release temperature up to 300 ̊C
  • Ballistic release temperature
  • Split sample injection
  • Inert flow path available

Typical applications

  • VOC analysis
  • Sulfur analysis
  • Permanent gas concentration
  • Any other application requiring concentration
  • Any applications using leak-sensitive detectors such as mass spectrometer


Solution highlights

Unique configurable 4-step process

  • Unique trap isolation step improves chromatography and peak sharpness
  • Unique sample matrix vent step simplifies and improves chromatography
  • No detector baseline shift during release stage due to PLSV technology’s unsurpassed leak integrity

Matrix venting feature

The T&R’s unique embedded sample matrix purge feature allows to purge the sample matrix. As an example, hydrogen matrix can be vented, while our innovative trapping material allows permanent gas concentration to achieve ppt limit of detection.

No cold spot

When combined with our iMOv or miniMOv platform, it eliminates the need for a heated transfer line. This design feature is key to improving chromatography as it reduces the risks of a cold spot.


Powered by PLSV valve technology Patent pending

Typically, sample concentration is used for trace measurement applications. To prevent contamination, sample integrity is key. What’s more, leaks from the valve can cause baseline upsets and noise. Our sample concentrator’s exceptional performance comes down to our unique purge leap sealing valve (PLSV) that, when combined with a unique embedded 4-step process, overcomes all these issues and provides unsurpassed performance.

  • No leaks: Eliminates inboard/outboard and cross-port leaks, prevents column contamination and baseline shifts (from air leaks)
  • Improved baseline noise
  • Embedded 4-step process with unique matrix venting feature
  • No dead volume: Internal flow path contains no unswept volume

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