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Intelligent Plasma Assisted Purification System (PAPS) Patented

Intelligent noble gas purifier with built-in end-of-life detector

Get the most out of your analytical instruments with our heated getter-based noble gas purifiers with dual heated getter technology (single vessel optional). Plus, you’ll prevent analytical system downtime with our real-time end of life detector, available in the PAPS version.



  • First purifier with real-time end of life (Eol) detector
  • Optional extended lifetime
  • No H2 release
  • Proprietary dual-stage purification design
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • IloT ready release
  • 2-year lifetime at nominal flow (based on 5N gas)
  • 5 L/min only version

Typical applications

  • Carrier gas purifier
  • Zero gas generator for calibration of online analyzers
  • Reference gas generator for TCD analyzers
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Perfect for all kinds of detectors: plasma, HID, DID, FID, PDID, TCD, ECD, etc.


Dual heated getter technology

It’s well-known in the field that traditional heated getter purifiers release trace amounts of H2 due to both hydrocarbon cracking and the metal being processed at high temperatures. Our proprietary dual-stage purification design unlocks a better purification process and superior performance. With a second vessel operating at a lower temperature, the H2 released by the first vessel is reduced to below 1 ppb.

  • < 1 ppb purity
  • No H2 release


End-of-life detection technology

Based on a pulse discharge optical feedback detector (PDOFD), our purifier’s innovative end of-life technology boasts the dual use of a feedback system comprising a low-cost optical measurement device and pulse discharge generator. The result is a unique detector that monitors gas quality and provides diagnostics and alarms, all in real time.




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Our noble gas purifier has been designed to provide the purest carrier or reference gas

  • Dual stage purification design
  • No H2 release
  • < 1 ppb outlet purity achievable
  • Available in various sizes
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