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GC method for moisture analysis using argon carrier and discharge gas

Nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide samples containing trace-level moisture were generated and analyzed using a miniMOv GC platform equipped with a detector based on the Enhanced Plasma Discharge (Epd) technology configured in H2O selective mode.

This detection technology allows the use of argon instead of costly helium as the carrier and discharge gas. The method developed with this system was demonstrated to be reliable and highly sensitive for reallife application with various permanent gas matrices containing trace-level moisture. A limit of detection (LOD) in the ppblevel was calculated for moisture.

The system developed by ASDevices offers many benefits compared to systems using Al2O3 detectors, Karl Fischer titration and other ionization-based detectors such as the PDHID, DID or BID. This method could be easily adapted for moisture analysis in solvents, oils and other petroleum products. A preconcentration method for ultra-trace level moisture in high-purity gases used in the semiconductor industry is also presented. With this method, the LOD can be further pushed down to the ppt level.

Find out about the most affordable option for moisture analysis by gas chromatography in our application note.

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