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ASDevices Signs with Worldwide Semiconductor Giant to Provide Proprietary Intelligent Gas Calibration System (GCS)

ASDevices Asserts Its GCS Leadership for Ultra-trace Analyzer Calibration

ASDevices has just signed a major U.S. contract with a semiconductor industry giant for dozens of intelligent gas calibration systems (GCS), designed to build the world’s most advanced ultra-trace calibration system. 

ASDevices released its proprietary system in 2020 to address industry needs for ultra-trace ppb calibration of permanent gases and other molecules, such as sulfurs and H2O. Prior to this ASDevices innovation, no purposely-integrated system was designed to calibrate molecules such as N2, H2O and O2 at the ppb level. To accomplish that, a dilution system must possess very high leak integrity, preserve sample integrity, and accurately generate a high dilution ratio (down to low ppb), all in a compact and user-friendly package. That’s exactly what ASDevices delivers.

Since this product was introduced, its popularity has grown exponentially. It is now used by various research and metrology institutes, as well as industrial customers, rapidly becoming the go-to solution to generate low ppb sulfurs in hydrogen (H2) mixtures used to calibrate fuel-grade H2 analytical systems, as well as to calibrate various trace gas analyzers in the electronics industry. 

ASDevices’ unique product characteristics have made it the supplier of choice for components designed to build the world’s most advanced GCS, in order to calibrate all analytical instruments used in new semiconductor FABs in the USA. They will be used to calibrate multiple CQC (Continuous Quality Control) systems, helping ensure all instruments are accurately calibrated on site and at values close to intended process concentrations (ppb and below), vs. at 1 ppm and above.

“We’re very proud of this achievement and the work accomplished by our team”, says ASDevices President André Lamontagne. “We developed this Gas Calibration System because other devices available on the market fell short of industry standards in terms of precision and universal compatibility. In this regard, we were probably more demanding than any customer, as we needed to calibrate N2 at just a few ppb. This means that leak integrity and sample integrity are very important. In the semiconductor industry, we want our customers to calibrate our gas chromatograph in the 10 to 20 ppb range, including with molecules such as N2.”

This new contract reaffirms ASDevice’s leadership for UHP gases in the semiconductor industry, as well as for its world-class trace analytical analyzer and trace calibration devices. 

ASDevices is now riding a wave of rapid growth thanks to its industry-leading technologies, which are used not only in the hydrogen market, but also in the skyrocketing semiconductor market. The company has become an industry authority and is now a partner of choice for some of the world’s most renowned metrology institutes, from Shanghai to the UK. 

ASDevices is another success story for CEO Yves Gamache, a well-known innovator and entrepreneur. With over 180 patents to his credit, Mr. Gamache has been revolutionizing the highly specialized field of gas analysis for over three decades, propelling ASDevices to new heights and providing Canada with added visibility and capability in this field. Canada is known as an R&D powerhouse, and ASDevices is another great example of that innovative spirit. 

ASDevices’ intelligent Gas Calibration System is ultra-compact.

About ASDevices

ASDevices is an international company specializing in analysis technologies and devices for process and laboratory gases. ASDevices helps organizations overcome their analytical challenges with robust, high-quality solutions. The company’s founders and partners have accumulated over 30 years of GC innovation and over 180 patents worldwide. ASDevices owns all the technologies it develops, and it’s the only company in the world to own all key process gas chromatography technologies related to the challenging measurement of fuel-cell grade hydrogen, especially trace sulfur analysis. www.asdevices.com

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