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Easy-to-configure, innovative GC platforms

We’ve developed four innovative GC platforms for GC integrators, all with the same philosophy: ease of configuration, robustness and modularity. That means that you can select the platform you need based on your specific application requirements.

Designed to fit your specific requirements

Why choose our GC platforms?

Plug and play
Easy to configure

with no mechanical work required

Modular electronics architecture

only select the modules you need

Robust industrial-grade design
IIoT ready

Our GC platforms


A patent-pending modular design optimizes even the most demanding applications

  • Modular thermal zone design
  • Up to 6 thermal zones than can be configured in isothermal, ramping or LTM ovens
  • Up to 2 detectors
  • Rackmount or benchtop design
  • ASDSense software with large touchscreen display

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Versatile and easy to configure, this platform is a high-quality 19-inch rackmount

  • Up to 4 isothermal ovens
  • Up to 2 detectors
  • ASDSense software with large touchscreen display

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Designed for applications that require a compact and powerful GC platform

  • 3U ultra-compact platform
  • Up to 2 thermal zones
  • One detector
  • ASDSense software with touchscreen display

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Compact, cost effective and powerful, this is the latest innovation in the benchtop GC platform field

  • Easy to configure
  • One ramping oven
  • One thermal zone
  • Up to 2 detectors
  • Up to 3 GC valves
  • Various GC inlets and accessories available

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Powered by innovative software

Our ASDSense software runs on all our OEM GC platforms. It’s designed to be robust, for 24/7 process use with laboratory-like data analysis features. What’s more, it’s intuitive and loaded with features like multiple innovative advanced signal processing algorithms, making it the most powerful and versatile process GC software.

Key features

  • Based on Industrial Real-Time Operating System
  • Designed based on software redundancy for reliability
  • Innovative advanced signal processing features
  • Multi-methods capability with automatic sampling system synchronization
  • Built-in data analysis capability

Embedded chromatographic processing module

Designed to interface with most types of GC detectors, the chromatographic processing module (CPM) is integrated into all our platforms. Offering high-end analog signal conditioning and advanced digital signal processing, the module can also be used as a standalone to develop a simple GC method or to upgrade an old GC.

Key features

  • 4x simultaneous and synchronous 24 bits, 50 kHz ADC
  • Advanced signal processing based on high-speed ARM processor with RTOS
  • Learning algorithm that improves SNR
  • Based on high-end electronic components for quality and performance

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With over 30 years of GC experience, our experts can help you find the perfect gas analysis solution. Whether it’s choosing the right products from our extensive range of devices or building a custom-made product, we work closely with our clients to fulfill all their GC needs.

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