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Multiple core patents granted for ASDevices

At ASDevices, “good enough” is never quite good enough – which is what leads us to keep rethinking and refining, until every so often, we create something completely new. This is our mindset and as such, we generate intellectual property.

As an innovator and creator of new technologies related to gas analysis and gas chromatography, ASDevices as a well-defined and clear intellectual property strategy which is made of offensive and defensive patents. This strategy is important to protect ASDevices, but also our customers. As of now, our IP portfolio covers 20 inventions with patent applications in USA, Europe, China and other countries, as required by the technology and associated market.

We are proud to say that 3 patents were granted recently which further re-enforces our IP protection and also demonstrates the true inventiveness of our gas chromatography technologies.

Our invention, EMISSION-BASED DETECTOR FOR CAPILLARY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY, was delivered in USA and China. This core patent covers an invention related to the use of patented Enhanced Plasma Discharge (Epd) technology for capillary column and applications requiring small internal detector volume. 

Our invention, DISCHARGE-BASED PHOTO IONISATION DETECTOR FOR USE WITH A GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM, was delivered in Europe. This detector covers a new type of photoionization detector which uses our patented Enhanced Plasma Discharge (Epd) technology as the photoionization source. 

We have also filed new patents this year based on discoveries we have made during our research activities. Those new inventions will be part of new technologies that we will release in a near future.

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