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Fuel-Grade H2 Market: ASDevices Wins Annual Application Award

Canada, January 2022 – Following years of R&D investments in the fuel-grade hydrogen market as well as the completion of numerous prestigious projects, ASDevices has been honored with the Annual Application Award. Presented by TrendBank at the 2021 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Annual Conference held in China on January 10-12, 2022, the award recognizes a company’s contribution to the market.

“This is a very exciting start to 2022 – and a great way to build on our past successes. This last year has been an important one for us in the hydrogen market, with projects like our Yanshan Sinopec installation that will deliver clean hydrogen at the 2022 Winter Olympics. And with other ongoing projects throughout Europe and the US, we’re continually strengthening our position as fuel-grade hydrogen analysis market leader,” said André Lamontagne, ASDevices president.

Frank Zhu, ASDevices VP Asia, added, “We’ve been involved in the rapidly evolving hydrogen market since Day 1, working with a variety of hydrogen producers to develop solutions that are fit for purpose, proven and robust. We’re now working on many innovative projects for 2022.”

According to Yves Gamache, the company’s CEO and a well-known expert in the industry, the award is the fruition of decades of research and know-how. “We’ve already developed a multitude of bespoke technologies for hydrogen applications and we’ve got other innovations in the works. In addition to new gas analysis technologies, we’re planning to release a new type of fitting with a special material that changes colour in the presence of a hydrogen leak, thereby improving safety for hydrogen distribution and sampling. It’s a true industry first. Plus, we’re constantly being presented with partnership opportunities to develop new products based on our technologies. All in all, 2022 is looking very promising for us,” he said.

About ASDevices

ASDevices is an international company that specializes in gas analysis technologies and devices for process and laboratory gases. ASDevices technologies and solutions help organizations overcome their analytical challenges by offering robust, high-quality analytical solutions. The company’s founders and partners have accumulated over 30 years of GC innovation and over 180 patents worldwide. ASDevices owns all the technologies it develops, and is the only company in the world to own all key process gas chromatography technologies related to the challenging measurement of fuel-cell grade hydrogen, especially trace sulfur analysis.  www.asdevices.com

About TrendBank

TrendBank is a consulting firm involved in the H2 industry. It aims to provide information, high-end forums, public relations communications, exhibition services, overseas study and other services to industries such as H2 and new material industry.

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