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Press release

Cutting-edge Canadian Firm Leads Hydrogen Revolution

From left: Yves Gamache (CEO), André Lamontagne (President), Marc-Antoine Langevin (Application Manager)

ASDevices – the high-tech Canadian company specializing in ultra-trace gas analysis – is now the market leader in hydrogen purity analysis, a technology used to power hydrogen vehicles and the green economy. ASDevices provides solutions and expertise to detect impurities that could potentially damage fuel cells and hydrogen distribution pipelines. The firm reached a turning point in its market advance when it was selected by a world-leading petrochemical company to provide the analytical system for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Coming on the heels of 4 years of R&D and investments, that project has now opened the floodgates for ASDevices to deliver its technologies to multiple analytical systems in Asia, Europe and the USA. 

This week, ASDevices attended the Achema trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, to showcase its expertise and form partnerships with companies involved in the green energy market. Achema also provided an opportunity for U.S. conglomerate Process Insights to proudly display its hydrogen analysis system, powered by ASDevices.

Process Insights hydrogen solution based on ASDevices technologies

“We’re at the right place, at the right time to leverage the hydrogen economy boom,” says ASDevices President André Lamontagne. “Hydrogen is a now a high-level priority, as evidenced by the recent partnership announcement between Canada and Germany. We’ve proven our capabilities in this field with the delivery of multiple analytical systems.”

ASDevices is now riding a wave of rapid growth thanks to its industry-leading technologies, which are used not only in the hydrogen market, but also in the skyrocketing semiconductor market. The company has become an industry authority and is now a partner of choice for some of the world’s most renowned metrology institutes, from Shanghai to the UK. 

ASDevices is another success story for CEO Yves Gamache, a well-known innovator and entrepreneur. With over 180 patents to his credit, Mr. Gamache has been revolutionizing the highly specialized field of gas analysis for over three decades. “Our success is propelling us to new heights, as well as providing Canada with added visibility and capability in this field. Canada is known as an R&D powerhouse, and this is another great example of our innovative spirit.” 

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