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ASDevices to Release New PLSV Valve that Is Backward-Compatible with Conical Rotary Valve Footprint

Following the success of its Purged Lip Sealing Valve (PLSV) technology launched 5 years ago, ASDevices is expanding this product line with a new valve series that is backward-compatible with prior conical rotary valve technology. This latest innovation provides on-site replacement capability, allowing users to install new valves on existing conical rotary valve actuators. In other words, they’ll be able to upgrade their analyzers with our premium valves without changing their system design. 

After reaping the benefits of our high-performance Purged Lip Sealing Valve (PLSV), customers have been asking for this product line expansion so they could easily upgrade their existing systems. Once again, ASDevices is more than happy to develop new products to meet evolving market needs, putting its can-do attitude to work in order to make the impossible suddenly possible. 

In fact, this new valve technology is the latest in a long line of key innovations developed by ASDevices to help clients improve gas chromatography performance and reliability. With tens of thousands of valves installed in a variety of fields – e.g., bulk electronics gas analysis, specialty gases, hydrogen markets, environmental analysis, petrochemical – the technology’s reliability has been widely tested and proven. It improves performance in terms of durability and leak integrity when compared to rotary and diaphragm valves, and it delivers superior sulfur analysis performance since the inert coating applied to the valve head lasts longer due to the low force required to seal the valve. This performance is driving ASDevices’ success in the booming hydrogen market.

This product portfolio expansion will apply not only to new valve footprints, but also to a broader variety of valves. For both footprints, ASDevices will now offer a high-temperature version which overcomes problems associated with existing high-temperature conical rotary valves – which are considered tricky to use and not as long-lasting because their rotors break more easily if operated at near ambient temperatures. As for high-temperature diaphragm valves, their membranes rapidly lose their shape, leading to flow variations and instable chromatography. These issues will all be in the past thanks to ASDevices’ new high-temperature PLSV valve. 

This new version of the PLSV valve will offer the following benefits:

  • Backward compatible with conical rotary valve
  • Compatibility with existing actuator or ASDevices actuator
  • Availability in medium- (180 °C) or high-temperature version (260 °C)
    • 300 °C continuous temperature version to be released Q2/2023
  • No leakage thanks to unique purge technology that eliminates inboard/outboard and cross-port leaks
  • Long lifetime: over 1 million actuations in UHP applications, due to unique reduced surface area insert technology
  • Constant pressure drop: no change in pressure/flow drop characteristic across temperature ranges and life span
  • No dead volume: internal flow path contains no unswept volume

This new valve will be available in Q1/2023.

About ASDevices

ASDevices is an international company that specializes in gas analysis technologies and devices for process and laboratory gases. ASDevices technologies help organizations overcome their analytical challenges by offering robust, high-quality analytical solutions. The company’s founders and partners have accumulated over 30 years of GC innovation and over 160 patents worldwide. ASDevices owns all the technologies it develops, and is the only company in the world to own all key process gas chromatography technologies related to the challenging measurement of fuel-cell grade hydrogen, especially trace sulfur analysis.  www.asdevices.com

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