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Press release

ASDevices has been selected by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to participate in the MetroHyVe 2 project.

ASDevices has been innovating in the field of H2 purity analysis for use in hydrogen fuel cell and other hydrogen energy applications such as hydrogen injection into natural gas pipelines. Its technologies have been recognized as a major breakthrough for trace purity analysis such as trace sulfur analysis, which are known to be difficult to analyze in a process environment. ASDevices has installed its technology in many locations around the world, including a prestigious contract for the 2022 Winter Olympics. “During the Olympics, a hydrogen vehicle fleet was used and the hydrogen purity was analyzed by our patented technologies. Our technologies were selected by Sinopec following intensive laboratory and field testing. We are now very happy to collaborate with NPL to further support the hydrogen energy transition”, said Andre Lamontagne, ASDevices president.

This collaboration with NPL for the MetroHyVe 2 (Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2) project is very important for ASDevices. NPL is a very prestigious metrology institute that has been supporting this industry and addressing the challenges of the hydrogen economy since the beginning. This is one of many projects that ASDevices is doing this year with metrology and research institutes.

About The National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK’s National Metrology Institute (NMI), developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards, as well as collaborating with other NMIs to maintain the international system of measurement. As a public sector research establishment, we deliver extraordinary impact by providing the measurement capability that underpins the UK’s prosperity and quality of life. We develop the metrology required to ensure the timely and successful deployment of new technologies and work with organisations as they develop and test new products and processes. www.npl.co.uk/

About ASDevices

ASDevices is an international company specializing in analysis technologies and devices for process and laboratory gases. ASDevices helps organizations overcome their analytical challenges with robust, high-quality solutions. The company’s founders and partners have accumulated over 30 years of GC innovation and over 180 patents worldwide. ASDevices owns all the technologies it develops, and it’s the only company in the world to own all key process gas chromatography technologies related to the challenging measurement of fuel-cell grade hydrogen, especially trace sulfur analysis. www.asdevices.com

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