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Press release

ASDevices and Spira innovation make a partnership to fight COVID-19

Today, it was announced that Spira innovation (formerly eTrace Medical) and ASDevices are making a partnership to fight COVID-19. Spira innovation’s team has worked around the clock to develop a new technology to purify inhaled and exhaled breath for healthcare workers. The new technology will be integrated into a new wearable breathing device. ASDevices will use its knowledge related to dielectric barrier discharge plasma to design and manufacture the DBD reactor which is used to neutralize the virus.

Spira innovation’s technology, for which they have filed a PCT patent application, relies on four independent steps to kill the pathogens contained in ambient air: thermal, UV, Plasma and Ozone. The combination of all these steps is what makes this technology so effective at destroying all pathogens and therefore very safe and robust, which is important when healthcare workers are working with infected and contagious patients.

For more information, visit www.spirainnovation.com

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