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GC Column


Ar/O2 separation column

Benefit from a new breakthrough in material science with the ArDSieve chromatographic column, an innovation that separates argon and oxygen molecules at room temperature.


  • Ar and O2 separation at 50°C column temperature
  • Increased durability with proprietary HydraGuard moisture protection layer
  • Lower limit of detection compared to GC systems that use O2 traps
  • No need for consumable oxygen trap
  • Improved peak symmetry and reduced eddy diffusion with narrow mesh size range (60/65)
  • Improved separation compared to other columns due to proprietary plasma oxidation treatment

Typical applications

  • Ar and O2 separation

Solution highlights

No need for cryogenic system or O2 trap

In chromatography, separating argon and oxygen has always been a challenge because unless it’s done at cryogenic temperature using an expensive setup, both molecules coelute. Alternatively, some users employ an oxygen trap. Both solutions have major drawbacks and greatly impact performance and reliability. Our ArDSieve column overcomes all these issues by separating argon and oxygen at above-ambient temperatures.


Proprietary ArDSieve material

The material used in the ArDSieve column is the result of an intensive R&D program and decades of experience. A combination of clinoptilolite, an ion exchanged chabazite, and proprietary treatments, this breakthrough column separates argon and oxygen at room temperature.


Oxidation treatment

Recent advances in material science have enabled us to better oxidize solid-phase material. A proprietary mixture containing oxygen is introduced into a plasma chamber, considerably improving efficiency and producing higher quality argon and oxygen.


Dehydration and HydraGuard layer

To achieve proper argon and oxygen separation, it’s important to thoroughly dry the column material. We put our decades of experience into developing an enhanced dehydration process that further improves the column’s performance. We’ve also introduced a moisture protection layer called HydraGuard which sits on both sides of the column and eliminates column contamination when manipulating the column or when a contaminated sample is injected.


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