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GC Column

Designed and optimized for performance

Our range of premium packed and μpacked GC columns are manufactured according to our own high standards. What’s more, we offer columns made from commonly used materials, as well as proprietary ones such as the ArDSieve, a breakthrough column that can separate argon and oxygen at room temperature.

Why choose our GC column?

Optimized for performance
Made from the best materials
Long lasting

Our GC column


Benefit from the new breakthrough in material science with the ArDSieve chromatographic column

  • New ArDSieve material improves argon and oxygen separation
  • No need for cryogenic temperature
  • Improved durability with HydraGuard protection
  • Achieve lower limits of detection than GC systems based on O2 traps

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Optimized mesh size

Mesh size range is very often overlooked with packed column. But it’s key, because a large mesh size range causes eddy diffusion, a well-known chromatography phenomenon that increases peak broadening. Another issue is the importance of reproducibility from one column to another. For both of these reasons, we manufacture all of our columns with a narrow mesh size range such as 60/65 for optimum performance, and other mesh sizes are available.

Key features

  • Narrow mesh size range
  • Better peak symmetry
  • Better reproducibility between columns

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With over 30 years of GC experience, our experts can help you find the perfect gas analysis solution. Whether it’s choosing the right products from our extensive range of devices or building a custom-made product, we work closely with our clients to fulfill all their GC needs.

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